Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Doing nothing and everything

I am at my mom's place. I came here for a 4-day visit, but due to various reasons, I have had to extend my stay. It has been more than a week now.

Since Puttachi has totally hooked on to my parents, I am left with a lot of free time. So I have had the opportunity to do a lot of things that I hadn't done in a long time, so long that I had forgotten how beautiful it is to do them.

- Reading a book for long stretches without a break.
- Drinking tea in peace before it gets cold, and eating junk along with it.
- Just sitting and looking at the ceiling and contemplating life.
- Trying out something totally new - I have been meaning to start solving Cryptic crosswords for years now - I have finally got round to doing it. You can see me sitting around with stacks of old papers, pencil in hand, and scribbling away furiously. I can see why it is so addictive.
- Just picking up a random photo album from the shelf, going through old photographs, laughing and reliving sweet memories.
- Sleeping when I actually feel sleepy.

I could go on.... Ahh.. The small pleasures of life.....


shyam said...

Crosswords ARE addictive! :) It's especially fun brainstorming with like-minded friends!

James said...


very good blog!

I have been visiting india by Google Earth Images :)

best wishes

G said...

hey! hv been reading your blog off and on, I have a 3 month old and was already missing doing the things I did before. I can completely relate to wht u feel, does Puttachi go to school yet?

rajk said...

Such a nice post! I'm a cryptic crossword addict myself! Hubby keeps cribbing about the pencils he keeps finding on the sofa!
I especially liked "looking at the ceiling and contemplating life"!:-)

P.S.: Have you tried cryptograms? They're great!

Chitra said...

"Just sitting and looking at the ceiling and contemplating life"??? ROTFL !!!

Viky said...

"Just sitting and looking at the ceiling and contemplating life" ... that's what my sister does when she comes home to Mysore.

Viky said...
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Viky said...

Whenever my sister comes home on vacation, her favourite after lunch pastime is to put a carpet (jamkhana) in the hall after the kids and BIL fall lazily asleep, and contemplate life looking at the fan rotating above. Sometimes she has my mother for company and they both chat on life's irrelevant things.

Oh wait a minute, that's exactly what my mother does when she goes to HER mother's house... :O

praneshachar said...

wow!!! that is the beauty of tavaru mane what ever may be the peirod you are at your own here. puttachi being taken care by ajji tata and you hv got time to do what u want. gr8 have a gr time enjoy.
ur parents too enjoy ur stay as they will be so busy once u r back suddenly they feel the difference. as you enjoy it is your parents who also enjoy when their beloved come home with their next generation link. ajji tata mommkkala nadvue nimage sigutte vishranthi and time for think think and think
nice reading great writing enjoyed and imagined where all u will be sitting so on and on............

Shruthi said...

Shyam, now that's something I want to try!

James, best wishes to you too, and hope you do get to visit India for real too ;)

G, No, she doesn't go to school yet. She is not yet 2. Enjoy parenting!

Rajk, No, but they sound wonderful. One more addiction?

Chitra, :D

Viky, heh heh.. :)) All of us need that, once in a while!

Praneshachar, :))

- -