Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tell me your dreams

..... Asks Payaniga.

My dreams are very ordinary and commonplace, really. Nothing excitingly exotic, or overtly romantic (wouldn't have written about them even if they were, that's another story!).

Anyway, here are three of the dreams I dream most often.

1) Falling off a cliff, and waking up with a start. I'm sure all of you dream about this. I dreamt this dream regularly when I was very young. Then I read about the ability to control dreams, and that we can win over such dreams by, for example, making up your mind that the moment you fall off the cliff the next time, you will sprout wings and fly away. I made up my mind to try it out. But ever since that time, I have never dreamt that dream again - and its been 10-15 years! [Probably I did sprout wings and fly away, and didn't wake up, and that's why I don't remember the dream]. Anyway, this dream has been replaced by a similar one - one where I fall into a pit. Wings sure won't work here. Any suggestions?

2) Faced with a task that is impossible to do. I am in a room, every inch of which is stacked with papers and I am trying to sort them out. Or I am in a field, sitting near a gargantuan pile of pebbles, and am trying to count them all. I try, then become breathless... and suddenly the paper/pebbles overwhelm me like a tsunami and I suffocate -- and I wake up, sweating and breathless. I have observed that I get this dream when I am swamped with too much work, or I have a deadline or I have some kind of worry or anxiety. It is a terrible dream.

3) Food. I dream of food all the time. It is not even like I am starved or on a diet in real life. I dream that I am eating a much-loved food item and then I wake up and I look in disbelief at my empty hands, and run my tongue around my empty mouth.... and I almost weep. There are some happy occasions when these dreams are fueled by the smell of that particular food cooking at home, or the mention of it by someone around me - then it is lovely - I wake up and get to eat that very food. But more often than not, there is no food around, and I can be very restless until I finally get my hands on that food in real life.

Now, the tagging part!

1)Shyam, since she loves tags. [But she has just written about dreams! Will she do the tag??]
2)Viky - weird when he is awake - just imagine how his dreams will be!
3)Supremus - just like that! :)


Anonymous said...

With pleasure!!! :D - will do it very soon and leave pingback :)


Unknown said...

Good to know that you dream!

I dont dream! Might be because i sleep to the fullest! I hardly have got a dream!

I just remember one dream(Long back in my childhood days) which i cant forget! Will be bloggin on that soon! Thanks fo givin me a topic to blog!

Regarding yo first dream, guess you can use the wings in a pit to just get a control on flyin back! (If the pit is wide enough =) ). If not, you can catch up with any thing on the walls of the pit, grab it and come up! ( Might be a foolish idea)

If you get dreams on food again, you yourself prepare what you dremt of n eat it! Simple!

Viky said...

I'm so much into reviewing nowadays, that I was wondering why you were reviewing Sheldon's book now!!!

A draft of Ekalavya and The Pursuit of Happyness (sic) lie in my mailbox. Will be up sometime next week!!!

Viky said...

Nothing overtly romantic? Does that mean you dream of covert romances? Does S know about this, huh?

Wait a minute!!! If you sprouted wings and flew away and didn't wake up...who's writing the blog here? I always knew there was something wrong with you. From the start. Who else would start a blog and not write for nine months and then give no reason for it. *Turns to the audience* And she calls ME weird.

BTW I have a suggestion for your pit problem. Make up your mind that the next time you fall into a pit, you will grow large front teeth and gnaw your way through. Muhahaha!!!!

Shammi said...

Shyam WILL do the tag :) Never say no to one!

Shruthi said...

Suyog, cool :)

Sandesh, you dream too. Everybody does. You don't remember them, that's all.
If you want, you can take up this tag too!

Viky, heh heh, it was meant to sound like that :) Btw Tell me your dreams is the only book of Sheldon's in which I remember the characters and the story clearly. I have forgotten, or tend to confuse all the others! Of course, its been a decade since I have read most of them!

What if it is S that I dream of, huh? Be it covert or overt? :O

Heh heh @ not waking up! Like I always say, I have to be extra careful in what I write! Yeah for all you know, I was sleeping for those nine months - and what is wrong if I start a blog and don't write in it, huh? Its my blog, I will do what I want with it!

Shyam, that's my girl :)

Viky said...

Whoa Whoa!!! If you want to fight, tell me beforehand - I will get into my fencing gear, ok? Hell hath no fury like a woman with long nails scorned!!! :D

Prashanth M said...

Guess dreaming about food is the most common one! and also this falling off a cliff or flying!

Unknown said...

check it out if you want!

Sachin said...

Nice one!!!

A alternative suggestion to the problem faced by you in your "falling in the pit" dream. Why not have the pit lined with amazingly soft pillows or for that matter feathers??? Surely that would be a really good fall to have!

Srik said...

I have had such a suffocating dream, not once but many a times. As if I have been pushed to sleep in a tub that has water and a ceiling is been contructed just 2 feet above that tub so that I couldn't get up :-(
Some other time, I have had a dream in which I was burried in a big box that had paper pieces...oh! Suffocation...some one help.....I would scream...
And suddenly I hear that noise...of a vehicle being started and fled!! I wake up the very moment!! Horrifying dreams!!!

Shammi said...

Tag done, Shruthi :)

- -