Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lakes of Mysore - photographs.

We were in Mysore last weekend. I have already written about how cool I think Mysore is, and I don't need to reiterate that I had loads of fun.

This time, I went determined to visit all the three lakes in Mysore. Kukkarahalli kere, of course, being about a quarter of a kilometer from my grandparents' house, I visit every time I go. But I hadn't visited Lingambudhi kere and Karanji Kere.

So, I did it - visited all three lakes, and did a lot of leisurely walking and birdwatching. We saw pelicans, painted storks, cormorants, egrets, herons, moor hens, kingfishers, bee-eaters, woodpeckers, snake birds, ducks, teals, and many more birds that I cannot even name.

Kukkarahalli - I have already written about it here, was perfect as usual. Lingambudhi kere is good, still quite undeveloped... but has its own beauty. We witnessed a marvellous sunset here. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me that day. I had heard a lot about Karanji Kere, and I was not disappointed. They have developed the surroundings very well, and it is a treat to walk around the place. The view from the watch tower is great - you don't feel like coming back down. There is also a butterfly park, on a little island, which is lovely, well worth the long walk to the place.

I will not write any more, but will just leave you with these photographs.

Kukkarahalli kere, with Chamundi Betta in the background.

A pelican swimming meditatively in the waters, Kukkarahalli Kere.

A cormorant in the reeds, Kukkarahalli Kere.

Tranquility, Kukkarahalli Kere.

The rest in the next.


Anonymous said...

Kukkarahalli and Karanji lakes have undergone complete facelift!!. Very true, both are equally beautiful and are made for liesurely tranquil walk. I didn't know kukkarahalli habitats so many birds!.

anoop said...

lingambudhi kere, only locals, that too not all of them know about this lake. some just know that a lake of this name exists but dont know where exactly. when i did decide to re-visit this lake one fine sat eve, it took me a whole of 20 mins to search this place, can you believe 20 mins! to search a place in mysore. in 20 mins one can travel from one end of mysore to the other, climb chamundi hills, reach nanjangud, you know what i mean :D.
anyway, lingambudhi kere has a complete diff composition of birds. i could see the small birds (some type of gubacchis) skimming across the water, many of them, could watch them for hours, unfortunately too fast to capture on film.

Shruthi said...

Sharath, if you go for a walk there with someone who knows at least a little about birds, and a pair of binoculars, you will be amazed to see how many birds are to be found there! Best time is to go in the morning or towards sunset.

Anoop, I don't know when you went to Lingambudhi... but if it was a long time back, then there has been some improvement now. They have an arch, and a board, and a sizeable walking path too. But yes, lots to be seen.
Oh there are many many big birds too... we saw quite a few pelicans and painted storks too.. and some medium sized birds too like cormorants and egrets. And of course, lots of kingfishers, etc. Maybe you should go again and try photographing the birds!

Anonymous said...

should this be linked to some karnataka tourism website :) But seriously having not visited mysore gives me reason to now.

Viky said...

^:)^ Super...

You see those trees, standing straight, with thick foliage above - the ones which you have focused in 2 and 4, they always mesmerise me. It's like they have some deep secret in their folds, and they are beckoning me to row to their side of the world and explore them.
I am pretty sure if I go there, I will find a deserted house a la Raaz.

Prashanth M said...

Was there in Mysore last weekend and went for bird watching and shooting @ Lingambudhi lake. Saw plenty of birds there - Pelicans, Egrets, Stilts, Swallows, Sandpiper, Plovers and manuy more over there.

Haven't been to Kukkarahakkli & Karanji - will go there one day :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics Shruthi!

Coming back into this world would have been so much more tougher after having visited those three lakes!

I used to stay for hours at the Kukkarahalli kere.

But one of my favourite spots is a stretch of the road separating the Gangotri glades and kukkarahalli kere. If you stand (facing the kere) at any point in that stretch you will be able to see the green tall grass between you and the kere and then the kere. After the kere there will be two distinct areas that will catch your eye. To your left will be the dome of the DC's office just peeking above the greenery and to your right would be the majestic chamundi betta.

Once I had spent an hour just standing there and letting the energy seep into me. It was a highly spiritual experience!

Shruthi said...

Anon, ha ha :) I am sure no tour book of Mysore will have these lakes mentioned ;) - there are too many more attractive places to visit for the "typical tourist"! And yeah, do visit the place when you get a chance!

Viky, you now no longer need to wonder what is there... the new walking path goes right around the lake, through those very trees. In fact, the path under the trees of Pic 4 is particularly beautiful. Pic number 3 was taken from around that place itself. And psst... there is no deserted house there :D

Prashanth M, there, you have mentioned those birds whose names I did not know ;) Lingamubudhi is great in the sense that there is not too much crowd. If you want to catch the birds and avoid the crowds, go really early in the morning to Kukkarahalli Kere. If you want to go very early to Karanji, you will need a pass. But after 8 30 am, anyone can go in with a ticket. (No ticket needed for Kukkarahalli). I personally found a lot more birds in Kukkarahalli and Karanji than in Lingambudhi - but the time also would have mattered, of course. Happy birdwatching!

Mysorean, you are right... coming back to this world was quite difficult, after visits to each lake :(
I know just the point you are talking about :) Have walked along that path, haven't stood and watched for hours like you have done. That lake is such that each point offers something new, each time you go there! Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shruthi,
It seems that you had a very good time in Mysore. Also you have a excellent way of narrating your experience. I am sure you should be really smart and very active girl.

Bye , Venkat -

Anonymous said...

Nice photos.

What about Ranganathittu? I remember the terrified looks on my daughter's face when, in the middle of the Ranganathittu lake, the boatman casually showed us a crocodile. We were looking up at the trees for birds, not knowing that the lake was teeming with crocodiles!

Shruthi said...

Venkat, thanks, what is your definition of "girl"? ;)

Raj Plus, Ranganthittu is technically not within Mysore city, so I haven't mentioned it! Oh yeah, that's a wonderful place to be - and crocodiles - gosh, when I had been there, long, long, ago, I was already told that there were crocs in the river... so I was so busy looking out for crocs and hoping that the boat wouldn't overturn, I forgot to look at the birds :O

Anonymous said...

lovely post. i remembered RK NARAYAN a lot while reading this post. have heard and read that Narayan walked on the bund of the Kukkarahalli Lake in the evenings. he has written in an essay that SUNSET at KUKKARAHALLI KERE is THE best in the world.

Viky said...

You You!!! Spoiling all my fairy tales...Anyway, don't get me started on Mysore and KukkarahaLLi again. I cannot even go there on a whim now... :(

Anonymous said...

shruthi and all
wonderful post by shruthi and opt and thoughtful comments by all
even though I have visited mysore on several occassions never ever visited one of these keres let me make it a point to visit atleast one during my next visit alas!!! when it comes
nice photos looking forward few more from Prashanth in his blog
thanks bellur for links to RKN

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!! And a great travelogue to go with it!! Am glad to see that at least you are still blogging away!! Unlike me....but its good to be back! Happy 2007 to u and S, Shruthi!!

Anonymous said...

Co-incidence at its best!

Had been to mysore for the first time last weekend! Dint go to promiment places of mysore but had real fun! Will blog my mysore trip soon!

I know places in Mysore from Bhairappa's novels, specially from Dharmashri n Doora saridaru! Guess you've read it! If not, read it! You'll enjoy!

Had just seen kukkarahalli kere from road, will visit mysore again taking a long leave n visit all places!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.. visiting Mysore next week must make it a point to go visit.. havent been to Kukkarahalli Kere in years...

Anonymous said...


Very Good Narration & photos.
We all Mukta balaga people went to kukkaralli kere on that Ranganatittu day. We had so decide between Mylaari dose & KK. Thank GOD our Dose lovers were missing that day! Its was a fun.
I heard a lot about KaraNji kere too, I remember those young years when our dad used to take us to this place when we lived in siddhartha layout. May be some 25 years back.. Shall check out soon.
Lingabudhi lake bagge enu heLali, they have done some good ground work to attract janta. Gardens & churmuri gaaDi's is a nice thing there. We have one Mahalingeshwara temple which we used to visit on shivarathri day otherwise generally dont go there since its loned place.. Very scary!!

Anonymous said...

One thing I can remember about Kukkaralli lake. It was about 10years back when myself & my friend smitha had been to that place, took a long walk around & we played flute sitting on that greenery around! It was a misty morning in a winter, when hardly people were around!!

Shruthi said...

Bellur, yes, that's true, RKN liked this place a lot - and I wouldn't really dare to disagree with him about the sunset :)

Viky, :) But there are some little paths that go into the trees - you could check them out! :)

Praneshachar, I hope you enjoy your visit next time! :)

Sachin, great to see you here after ages! A very happy new year to you too!

Sandesh, first time to Mysore? Liked it? Yes, you do need a long time to experience all the delights of Mysore!

Vijay, do keep some time aside for a walk - that is a very fulfilling experience!

Veena Shivanna, we had been to Mylari hotel this time, just before visiting Karanji Kere :) Wow... flute in the midst of the trees... on the banks of the lake... in the mist... must have been wonderful!

Anonymous said...

very pretty pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos Shruthi. Mysore is my hometown. Kukkarahalli is my fav place. Another advantage being in Mysore is its shorter distance to Cauvery basin. There are so many picnic spots on the bank of Cauvery which are less than 1 hour drive from Mysore City. Good place for weekends.

Unknown said...

Have been meaning to see Kukkarahalli lake. Have you been to Kempabudhi Lake? I would like to know where it is..

Anonymous said...

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