Tuesday, May 16, 2006


.....Give or take two, is the number of traffic signals I encounter on my way back home from office. Of course, we don't stop at all of them all the time. We stop for just a few seconds at some, and are stuck for upto 20 minutes in others. But that is Bangalore traffic for you.

And in case you are wondering, yes, I actually counted.


Sachin said...

LOL....can identify with that so much!!! Check out my latest post, you'll see what I mean. And for that matter you might relive your Mumbai experience as well. Cheers!

Supremus said...


How long does it take you to get to work and back!!

Jesus 28! Wow!


chitra said...

Let me count today and revert back to you. Sounds intresting pastime!

Author said...

Aaaahh! I almost thought you got an alternate answer to "The Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything" :)
I pass through only 1 traffic signal every day!! But thats because where I live is technically not Bangalore. Advantages of living close to office. There is a 5:2 (weekdays:weekends) weigtage that favors living close to work.

Sri Harsha said...

I think the problem with traffic in India is that there is no synchronization involved.

U kinda get almost the same number of signals here, but the thing here is tht everyone follows the rules whereas in India no one gives a damn. :)

So don't blame the signals guys, there is science involved in them being there!

Manasi said...

28!!! and I thought my 5 signals was too much when travelling to office.

Anonymous said...

aaha ! Blore kachada city antha heladre kelade ella antare jana ..yen madana anubhavsadre gotagadu ...shud I feel lucky?! I get only 4 in my 10Km travel and maximum time I spend in signals is 2 mins and yet I crib abt signals as I get last 3 in the final mile.
Oh well, Cribbing is my birth-right and in city Blore you are bound to you use it ;)

yen bunk aa evattu??

--P ( yes for a change ! )

Shruthi said...

Sachin: Your post is fantastic :D... you are so right, I totally relived my Mumbai experience! :))

Suyog: Heh heh :) It takes, presently, 1.25 hours in the morn and 2 hours in the evening on an average. Otherwise, on my regular route, 1 hour in the morn and 1.25 hours in the evening :) - There the number of signals is far lesser. Probably 10 to 15.

Chitra: Heh heh... I am sure I am not alone! And yes, great pasttime - but just to do it once! :O

Shruthi said...

Shastri: ROFL!! Shastri, believe me, if there were 14 more signals, I would have had so much more time for profound (ahem!) contemplation, that I would surely have had the real answer to the Ultimate Question :D
Only one traffic signal!! No comments :(

Harsha: No blaming going on :)) Just stating facts ;)

Manasi: You are lucky, girl, lucky! Remember that next time you crib ;))

P: Ohho yenu changeu? *Wink wink* :)
Oyeee don't call Bangalore a kachada city ;) Just because your sweet Mysore is better, you don't get to call Bangalore names ;)
You are indeed lucky :) So next time you crib, think of me ;)
[But one good thing - I don't do the driving :)]

chitra said...

Thanks dear Shruthi I dont think so i will get addicted to this!
As i had mentioned in Chitra's blog (my namesake), I am so busy talking trivia in the bus with my fellow passengers, today for a change, I will be quiet and counting the signals.
In Delhi, even the bulls stop the traffic! Shd i count that too as a signal?

Anonymous said...

Same Old Anon: And I thot I had it bad.....have 12 signals on my 10 KM drive to office.....and oh yes, did the counting exercise in the 1st week of work itself.....and the worst part is.....I do the driving myself :-(

Viky said...

Did you count "brake inspectors" and those circles and signal-less crosses where you have to stop anyway, because perpendicular traffic does not stop?

I get two roundabouts, where I HAVE to stop, irrespective of whether its showing me red or green or any other colour, and four signals without cops, and one cop without a signal.

Glad to know you are not the one driving. So, all you have to do is sit, shielded from the sun, counting the signals, and listening to Radio Mirchi? Hmm...some ppl have all the luck.

Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

looks like Radio Mirchi isnt interesting enuf!! lolz

Anu said...

Phew! Such a relief to see it is just the number of signals. I had recently read this ridiculous article http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1689788,001302300000.htm and was terrified that you too had joined this bunch which sees all kinds of significance in innocent numbers!

Abhinav said...

hmm nice way to pass time :) Unfortunately we do not stop @ any signal be it green or Red .. it does not matter to our Cab Driver.
May be will count how many signals are there in my route today :)

Bhargav said...

We are so tired discussing this issue. I see this situation similar to the samurai's silence, when he was asked whether he was tired of fighting.
Nobody does nothing but complain. We need an agency that enforces the rules strictly. People should have respect for such an enforcement agency. Only then you'll see a turn around.
I've seen volunteers managing the traffic signals during peak hours. Nobody jumps the signal when they are around. Then why not do the same when they aren't around? Do we require constant monitoring? I guess its a problem with the attitude the of people.

Shruthi said...

Chitra: Bulls!! :))) That way, my number will go up to 50 or so :D

Same old anon: Oh that's sad! But 12 signals is hmmm... ok. As long as you don't have to wait 3-4 times at one single signal!

Viky;: I was tempted to count those non-signals too, but I did not!! Coz I realized that "real" signals itself was quite a big number!
Maybe I should count that too, and give you the results :D
Luck? Luck? Spending 3-4 hours of a precious day in traffic is luck??? :((

Swathi: Heh heh :D You got it right ;)

Shruthi said...

Anu: Grrr!!! How could you even THINK that for a MOMENT!! Whose daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc, am I? ;D Ok ok I know u r joking ;)
Btw, that was a ridiculous article indeed!

Abhinav: Heh heh!! I know exactly what you mean :D

Bhargav: Precisely! I don't even want to discuss traffic and whether people follow the rules!! Me not complaining at all! :) Me just stating a fact ;)

Anonymous said...

Bhargav/Shruthi: Just by having a traffic cops enforce rules and people following rules, the problem will not be solved. Clearly, there are way too many vehicles and very less space on the roads. Add to that the number of intersections!!

Overcrowding cannot be solved by people following rules, it can only be reduced to a certain extent. Even that would hardly be enough considering the explosive growth of vehicles on road.

The solution to this is providing for infrastructure before the crowding happens.

Abhinav said...

sandesh: i agree with u that the problem is with the non-existent infrastructure...however if evrybody follows traffic rules (read do not jump lanes), in my view traffic situation will ease after all how long we will crib abt wider and better roads (which i do not see it comming in near future) instead why do not we start following rules esp bikes and auto wallas

Author said...

Yeah, we are colleagues at GE as of today! Anand is moving on. We became good friends here since we shared common interests and common language.
I recently came to know from him that you were his class-mate in school.
World is a pretty small place indeed :)


Shastri, do you and Anand know each other?

Posted by Shruthi to Stirred Mind at 5/18/2006 10:05:51 AM

Junius said...

so true...
now-a-days i come late from the office,
just to avoid traffic...

Sunil said...

Does stopping at one signal twice count as Two signals ??!

Viky said...

I did not find it odd in English, but when I was thinking about the title in Kannada, it struck me.

Do we not use 28 to generalise numbers?

"doDDa kaLLa avnu, avnelli kelsa maDtane, heLidre IPPATTENTU kaaraNa heLtane"

"RTO nalli elli swamy kelsa agutte, IPPATTENTU form fill maDbeku"

"madhyanada hottu nidde maDakku agalla, aa salesmen IPPATTENTU sala bandu bagilu taTTtane"

"manege bega elli barakke agutte, rasteli IPPATTENTU signal ide"

Coincidence? He he.

Anonymous said...

good finding shruthi. btw, i cross SIX SIGNALS( sounds like SIX SIGMA) from my home to office.


(same actorsu....so confuse aagalva)

Shruthi said...

Sandesh: :)) Yes, Overcrowding leads to too many signals! Of course, how else will you manage that flood of vehicles?? That explains the crazy number of signals in my non-regular bus route. But the very long time taken at each signal, which is the case in my regular route, is because of zero lane discipline, which cannot be monitored that easily by traffic police. Self-disciple is necessary!! Anyway I think I should leave that to the experts :)

Abhinav: Yes, refer to prev comment :)

Shastri: It was good to chat with you :)

Endeavourme: You can start earlier also, right? ;)

Shruthi said...

Sunil: Noooo! :) That would take my number up much, much higher!

Viky: Hey! you are right :)) Did not realize!!
Btw, in our place, we tend to say "Noorippathentu" :D (128).
But anyway, amounts to the same :)

Bellur Ramakrishna: Ha ha :)) you are right! :D

Viky said...

@bellur ramakrishna: Ohoho, adru bagge matu beDa biDi, adikkella bhaari TALENT beku.

KarnaTaka iDi CSP making wavesaa? yavagladru omme naawu illinda awra vaadagaLu follow maDtiwi...

Viky said...

@Shru: ippattenTane comment nandu :-)

And now, the 29th too...

Anonymous said...

ippatenTu antha helthiva?? thot we say noorenTu ...
aadru Shruthi, neevu ee tara Blore vishya dalli jagala aadadu yeno kushi kodatte nange ( Ayoo devre tappaithappa, nammoorige [ ok haLLi ge ] ee sthithi baradu bedappa )

Shruthi said...

Viky: Yenappa, ee Viky nanna blogige bandu ippattenTu comments bitt hogthane! :))

Anon: It varies, allva, from family to family. Like I said, in our family, we say "NoorippattenTu". I have heard lots of ppl say Ippattentu :)
Bedappa, let not our beloved Mysore go the Bangalore way!

Rose said...

Well if u really wana kno wat traffic is.. welcome to Indian's Biggest Jungle.. Amchi Mumbai..!!!



Anonymous said...

possibly for me noorenTu is much associated with dialogue we often used to say 'ayoo ayoo yenella maathu kelbekagi banthu, room ge hogi noorenTu Gayatri japa madbeku firstu"

am way off the discussion. over n out !

Shruthi said...

Rose: Oh I have been in Mumbai :) But I usually travelled long distances by local, and short distances by auto, so I don't really know how Mumbai traffic is, except of course, on the Andheri Jogeshwari higway, in the morning rush hour! Phew!!
Btw, have you been in Bangalore??

Anon: Ha ha haa!! That's funny :))

Viky said...

Bari ippattenTu, maydum. Wonly 28, and 29 too. Oh okay, a couple more.

Mysoora?? Full kooLe. Mysooralli elli?

PRIDERA said...

28 signals in what distance ?
It takes about 90mins one way for me to get to work :( (67miles)

Shruthi said...

Viky: Sakkat KooLe :) Nammooru Bengaluru, aadre Mysorenalli ajji mane :)

Pridera:A distance of 27 km :))
How's that for you :) 67 miles in 90 mins is wonderful! :D

Raj said...

Hmmm...I see.

The no. of signals I encounter on my way back home from office: zero.

Just 3-4 manned intersections.

And the distance covered is 17-18 kms :)

Shruthi said...

Raj: Whaaaaat??? How? Where?

Viky said...

@Shru: Namma ajji mane nu mysooru. Adeno, yaav kannaDigaru sikkidru, somehow, 90% end up having their ajji mane in Mysore.

Old World charm, I guess. I don't want Mysore to change, but it is fast going the Bangalore way.

I spoke to some of my friends who are in Mysore, and they welcome the change. I guess it is just we, who lead busy lives amidst 28 signals, who look at Mysore as a place to relax and unwind.

I hope "the powerful ones" handle the growth better than they handled it in Bangalore.

Shruthi said...

Viky: :)) I have also observed this "Mysoornalli ajji mane" thing :)
And yes, it still has the charm, which is almost gone in the Bangalore of today. I wish it would stay that way!

Anonymous said...

I am no surprised, though I have not counted the num of signal. I take more than two hrs to reach my home :( .. itz really sad with mosquitoes bitting all over you. I guess today i will count the num of speed bunkers .. My journey back home is something like the rides of wonderlaa .. thanx to the speed bunkers and over enthu cab drivers ..

Sujit said...

mna.. patience!!.. wow..!!

Raj said...

Well, the route is from Whitefield - KR Puram - OMBR Layput - Banaswadi Road - Frazer Town - Jayamahal Extn. Not a single traffic signal :)

Shruthi said...

Bharathi: Go ahead, count the speed-breakers, but don't confuse potholes for speedbreakers ;)

Sujit: Heh heh, not a matter of patience - no other work, that's all :)

Raj: Well, not too familiar with those areas, but all I can say is "Wow! Good for you!" :)

Anonymous said...

Shruthi, can you pass on this message on Sanjay's website and to as many people as you can?



Some of us at Sampada are interviewing T N Seetaram this week for the 6th edition of Sampada Podcast. If you want to add your questions, you can send them to us.

More details on Sampada announcement about it.

Please note:
1) Send the questions in Kannada
2) Be as specific as possible.



Anonymous said...

*evil cackling* (don't i love this moment?!)
thank god (and all the humans involved :D) for telecommuting! no signals for me, only connection problems to deal with! :))


Shruthi said...

HP: Thanks for the info, I have posted it on Sanjay's blog.

Ano: Me all green with J. Lucky you! :)

starry said...

Its a different Bangalore that I grew up in, a long time ago.no counting at that time.

Shruthi said...

Starry Nights: Ditto! :(

vyomini said...


Just came across a previous post of yours that had the title "an open request from a bangalorean". I liked the way you came up with it in a straight manner. Since you have comments disabled on the post, i posted them on mine. Please do have a look at :http://vyomini.blogspot.com/


Cyberswami said...

haha so that's a distance of about five kilometres then?
from what i've heard of bangalore, there are traffic lights almost lined up one after the other!
delhi isn't QUITE as bad, but it is pretty bad too. my sympathies.

Shruthi said...

Vyomini: My reply on your post!

Cyberswami: Thanks for your sympathies :(
And no, not 5 km.. more like 27 km! And yes, in one stretch in the heart of the city, there is a 1 km stretch with 5-6 signals, or so! :))

- -