Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The perfect guy!

It is tag-time!!

Three bloggers tagged me during the last two months, and I have not been able to work on them at all! So here I go, one by one.

Anil tagged me to write down 8 qualities of my dream lover. Now, when I started listing it in my head, I realized that I was being very biased and listing down the characteristics of my .. umm.. hubby :D. So I gave up on it. But Anil requested me again to write it anyway, in his own words, "from an experienced person's perspective". ;)

So here I list down 8 qualities which a guy must possess in order for a girl like me to have a happy married life with him. For a moment, I will forget that I am married :)

1) Loving, caring, sensitive. Cliched, but still, top of the chart. Without this, even if all the other 7 qualities exist, it is of no use. Empathetic - He must understand my needs, desires, dreams, ideas(however silly they may be). He need not agree with them, but he needs to understand why I feel that way, so that it can lead to further discussion. In short, I must not hesitate to tell him my innermost thoughts, for fear of being ridiculed.

2) He must be pleasant-looking, well-mannered, neat and organized, cultured and polite.

3) He must have similar attitudes towards life, and similar interests as mine. If he does not, he must be supportive, and must be enthusiastic to learn and participate in activities that I love.

4) He must love and respect his own family - only then can I expect him to love and accept my family, and consequently, that's the only way I can expect him to be a caring and committed father to our children.

5) Must be intelligent, well-informed, enthusiastic to learn, curious.

6) Must be passionate about what he does, must be positive and confident, must have a good sense of humour, and must know how to enjoy himself.

7) Someone once told me, "I love him. He makes me laugh". I told her, "It is not important if the guy makes you laugh. What is important is whether he can make you smile." See the difference? I had said this before I got married, but after marriage, I found that I was right! :)

8) He must not snore. :)

I understand this is a lot more than eight qualities, and I have very "cleverly" categorized them into eight points. :)

Hope this serves as a guideline for all you unmarried people out there. :)


Raj said...

Three tags in a day, great!

Supremus said...

"pleasant-looking" - for some odd reason, I lol-ed at this hehehe!! Interesting list here :). I frankly *yet* dont know what kind of partner i want though :(


Shruthi said...

@Raj: Heh heh.. I decided I just have to get it all done today :)

@Suyog: Is that really so funny :)) Don't worry you will know what kind of a partner u want, when you get a partner :))

Global Indian said...

8) He must not snore.

and interesting 'expectations'! :)

Anil The Great said...

@shruti : I am really thankful to you for accepting the tag. And thankful becuase the points mentioned by you have been the best and most realistic qualities I have read about the othert half. And the sentence "It is not important if the guy makes you laugh. What is important is whether he can make you smile." It just took my heart away. It was so very true and clear.

Thx once again for sharing your thoughts :)


Shruthi said...

@Ravi: Hey its important :) Sleep is very important to me, and I can't sleep if someone is snoring! and just imagine if I have to sleep next to a snorer every single day of my life!! Phew! :)
"Expectations" :)) Like i said, i forgot i was married ;) - But psst... I have been very fortunate ;)

@Anil: I am glad you liked my list, and thanks :)

Manasi said...

Quite a list there! And yes i agree with that 'pleasent looking' point. After all who wants a Veerapan :)

By the way Suyog, what Shruthi says is true that you will know when you find her. This is experience speaking for neither did I know what I wanted untill I met him, and suddenly everything he is is what i wanted ;)

Shruthi said...

@Manasi: Ha ha :) Exactly!
Yes, and Suyog, its not like you subconsciously change your requirements after you meet that person. You will have it all in your subconscious, and you will automatically get drawn to the person who fits the bill, and then you will be able to put all those vague feelings into words :)

Bhupi said...

Shruthi & Manasi, I would disagree to the thought that you'll know her when you meet her. bcoz that way a person will obviously frame the qualities around her bcoz however she is, u like her.

I hope i didn't confuse u all as its difficult to make u all understand :)

Shruthi said...

@Bhupi: But Bhupi, why will u be drawn or attracted to her in the first place? Coz she has atleast some of the qualities you have in your mind! (But which you would not know that you have had in your mind)

Bhupi said...

intial attraction will be due to external qualities....problem comes when one knows about other persons internal qualities.....and then comes adjustments....u may be lucky but not everyone is...ha ha ha


As bhupi has suggested it will be the basic external qualities that gets you attracted first..

You have indeed made a comprehensive list. :)

If you did ask me to put it in a line...i would say a genuine smile and being staright forward is what will make a perfect guy


Hi Shruthi ,

Waiting for your commments on the other post that i have made .:)......

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