Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bengaluru for sale!

For three lakhs of rupees.

That's the price for which the Mughals sold Bengaluru to Chikkadevaraya Wodeyar - back in the 16th century. Can you beat that? :)

Oh by the way I read this in a book "Bangalore through the Centuries" by M.Fazlul Hasan. It seems to be really interesting. I just started, and found this snippet. In fact there are loads of other interesting facts in the book. I will make up a list and put it up once I finish the book. Watch this space.

[Clarification - Bangalore has not yet officially become Bengaluru. I am just referring to it as that, coz I am talking about the 16th century :)]


indiacorporatewatch said...
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indiacorporatewatch said...

I believe it will take almost a year by the time its changed

I believe even Delhi is getting its name changed

Lets hope our politicians atleast India alone and not plan to change that too

Shruthi said...

You never know! In a few months' time, they will come up with Bharat for India!

- -